Mysterious History: Illinois


Who was the companion who accompanied Lincoln on this walk? Do we know?

The clip is from A Student’s History of Illinois and is courtesy the wonderful folks at 

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Mysterious History Minnesota

Put on your hats, Sherlocks.  Your services are needed on the prairie between Park Rapids and Detroit Lakes.  (Minnesota, USA)    Midway between MN Hwy 34 and MN Hwy 71, on what is known locally as the Two Inlets road (or cut-across), the traveler passes by two exits to the east.   One is labeled Pondsford, the other Ponsford.    These exits are only a few miles apart, and the area is very rural, so it is apparent the two signs direct the traveler to the same destination.   What’s the story  behind that?

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Known Name Changes

To Search this page use the Find tool under Edit in your toolbar, or right click your mouse to access the Find or Search tool.  Note that all links in these excerpts have been deactivated.  If you need to consult the source use the available information to search the internet.       Remember to search for variants of given names, for example:     Simon = Samuel        Peter = Patrick has available a list of people who changed their name in Massachusettes.  Unknown whether these records are available at

. 211 Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, alias ‘Lewis Carroll’; author: Letter to Miss Ottley: 1892   Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge, 1832-1898, alias ‘Lewis Carroll’, author and mathematician

 Sir Aubrey de Vere De Vere, 2nd Baronet 1818; formerly Hunt; poet: Correspondence with Sir R. Peel: 1815-1842

 From Huntington family: Marie Elise Huntington married William Carr, son of John Bowles and Georgia Rosalie Lathrop Howard Huntington, in 1896 in Natchez, Miss; lived in NY, GA, MO, CO.

Sir Jonathan Wathen Waller, formerly Jonathan Wathen Phipps. abt. 1821

From the National Archives: Reference: ASSI 45/12/3/75, 77 Description: Robinson, Mark; Carr alias Mongomery, Robert – deposition taken in Cumberland Date: 1679 Held by: The National Archives, Kew Former references: ASSI45 12/7 No. 10 -possibly connected: Montgomery family in Cumberland PA, also NC, etal,queries w mention of Kerr females,333190″p?532,333190

JOHN CORR alias JOHN CARR. Born ARDBO, Tyrone. Served in Londonderry Militia. Discharged aged …

… CARR. Born ARDBO, Tyrone. Served in Londonderry Militia. Discharged aged 35. Covering dates give year of enlistment to year of discharge. Kilmainham Reference: A9684. …

from Border Memories..’son of Thomas Brisbane of Brisbane and Eleanor Bruce, descended from a common ancestor with the ” Brus of Bannockburn,” was born in 1773. He married Miss MacDougall of Makerston, daughter and heiress of Sir Henry Hay MacDougall, through whom he got that property, and whose name he assumed.

CNWYH- Jeff rey Prok tour held this tenement in 1406. According to a Genealogy, illustrated by armorial impalements, which was placed in one of the windows of Fountains Hail, by Sir Stephen Proctor, in the time of King James L, this family derived its descent from ” Sir Oliver Mirewraye, of Tymbridge, in the countie of Kent ; ” the reason of a change of surname being perhaps suggested by the further statement that *’ Thomas Mirewray, als. Proctor, of Frierhed. mar. Mary, daughter of Thomas Proctor, of Winterborn.”


His son, the Rev. Thos. Wilson, M.A.,inherited the estates at Clapham and Horton-in-Ribblesdale, with a moiety of the manor of Rathmell, and assumed in consequence the name of Morley. He died in 1818, bequeathing his inheritance to his son, Thos. Wilson Morley, Esq.


property was bequeathed to her relative, Mr. W. Mosley Perfect, who assumed the name of Dawson,

– Carre, Walter Riddell, 1807-1874, b. in Edinburgh, Scotland, was the son of Thomas Riddell of Cariii i i–i • ni. and assumed the additional name of Carre on succeeding to the estate of Cavers Carre, in Roxburghshire, left him by his uncle.

-hill in Sebergham, son of George Gill Mounsey of Castletown, assumed the name of Heysham in 1871 in compliance with the will of his uncle, James Heysham of Borrans-hill, . . . ” – from “An Armorial for Cumberland” by Frederick James Field. And the additional surname of Heysham being added by George William [Gill], grandfather of the present owner, who succeeded to the Castletown estate on the death of an elder brother.   Source: Hissem Mounsey – Heysham line at shissem. com

-Henry Curwen, Esq. M.P. for the city of Carlisle in 1762;

and for the county of Cumberland in 1768. He married  Isabella, daughter of William Gale, Esq. of Whitehaven, by whom he had an only daughter, Isabella (born 1765), who married John Christian, Esq. of Unerigg Hall,* and conveying to him the family estates, he assumed, in 1790, their surname and arms, and thus became John Christian-Curwen, Esq

And Ivo de Talebois, or Talboys, first lord of the barony of Kendal, brother of Fulk, carl of Anjou and king of Terusalera,… Gilbert, who succeeded to the barony of Kendal, whose son, William, according to Dugdale, from being governor of the castle of Lancaster, assumed the surname of Lancaster. From him descended

John do Lancaster, summoned to parliament as a baron in 1299. …and Curwen, Alan, who acquired by gift of his brother Patric, lands of Camnierton, and thence deriving their surname, the Cammertons descend from him. To his second son, Patric, he had given, during the life of his eldest son, the lordship of Culwen, and the said Patric, assuming his surname therefrom, became, Patric de Culwen :

In memory of FRANCES BRATHWAITE, formerly IRTON, Who died July XIX, MDCCCII, aged LXX years, And was buried in Hawkshead Church. source: Allerdale Ward avail at archive. org

John Christian (afterwards John Christian Curwen


Sir Edward, the first baronet of this line which also got a baronetcy, sold Solport to Sir George Graham, Kirklinton to Mr. Appleby (whose descendants took the name of Dacre), source: Cumberland and Westmorland avail at archive . org


Was M.P. for Cockermouth from 1779 to 1783, and from 1789 to 1802, and in the interval between 1783 and 1789 he sat for the Lowther borough of Haslemere. His name was originally Baines, but he assumed the name of Garforth on succeeding to the estates of his uncle, who was the last of the ancient Yorkshire family of Garforth of Steeten Hall, in Craven.



Are descended from Robert, Baron of Dalston, brother of Hubert de Vallibus, first Baron of Gilsland. This Robert took the name of De Dalston from his Manor of Little Dalston, of which Dalston Hall is the manor house. From him sprang a long line of Dalstons, until, in the time of Henry VHI, we find a Thomas Dalston, to whom that monarch granted the Manors of Brundholme,

Uldale and Caldbeck-Upperton, and Kirkbride, and the Manor of Temple-sowerby, parcel of the possessions of the late Priory of St. John of Jerusalem


The Barony of Greystoke fell to the lot of one Lyulph,who took the name of De Greystoke. This family acquired, by marriage, the Barony of Morpeth in Northumberland, but ending in an heiress the estates went to collaterals, who also assumed the name of De Greystoke.  Source Cumberland and Westmorland avail at archive . org

From the History of Skipton by William Harbutt Dawson, this note of a name variation: ” We understand that Stephen Parkinson [Robinson], the old man who obtained two Premiums at the Craven Agricultural Society, one for having brought up ten
children without parochial relief, and the other for having continued in the same  service in husbandry 47 years, tho’ now 79 years old, is still both able and willing to  work.”

The late Lord Audley, April 3, 1784, assumed the name of Tuchet, by permission of his Majesty. From Vol. 89, Gentleman’s Magazine.

Name: Frances Isabella Kerr Gender:Female Baptism/Christening Date: 07 Apr 1782 Baptism/Christening Place: St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Westminster, Middlesex, England Father’s Name:William Gordon Indexing Project (Batch) Number:I05288-4Source Film Number:1866642

Sykes or Edwards Thomas Clifford known by both names, Sykes and Edwards. He was born in 1862 and is buried in Ripon cemetery. Submitted by: Marian Craddock

From Monument Marker St. Luke’s Church at Charlton near Woolwich:

1)to the memory of the Hon. Charles Thomas PERCEVAL, first son of the Right Hon. LORD ARDEN.2) Jane, the wife of the Hon. Edward PERCEVAL, daughter of the Right Hon. Spencer Perceval, nat. 23 Octr, 1791, nupt. 20 March, 1821 3) Sacred to the memory of the Hon. Edward PERCEVAL, fourth son of the Right Hon. Charles George Lord Arden, who departed this life on the 10 March, 1840, in the 45th year of his age.

Excerpted from volume 8 of the Herald and Genealogist:

-Hamilton Jackson of Dorset to take the name of Gould

-Reginald Sackville West to drop West

-Rev. John Massy to take name of Beresford

-William Daniel Amerherst of Amhurst and Norfolk to discontinue Daniel

-Thomas Parry age 14 to drop name Lloyd and use only Jones-Parry and bear the arms of Lloyd

-Thomas Sell of Lambeth to take the name of Collins after Sell

-Hannah d’Audebert, Newcastle upon Tyne, to take the name Burdon instead of DeButts

-James Lindon Burns of Cumberland to take the name of Lindon after Burns

-Ralph Carr, of Hedgeley, Northumberland and Dunstan hill co Durham esq, D.L. eldest son of John Carr of Dunstan Hill, esq., by Hannah, dau of Henry Ellison, of Hebburn Hall, co Durham, all deceased, in compliance with the will of his cousin Cuthbert George Ellison of Hebburn Hall, esq., Lieut. Colonel in the army , to take the name of Ellison after Carr and bear the arms of Ellison quarterly with Carr.

-John Sanderson of Wakefield, gent. To take name of Smirthwaite only.

-William Thomas Jonas Alcock-stawell, Cork, to take the name of Riversdale

-Raymond Browne to take the surname Lecky after Browne

-William Allen of Brockhill, Kent to take the name of Tournay instead of Allen

-Rowland Heathcote of York, Notts, and Derby to take the name of Hacker after Heathgcote

-Robert Briggs of Accrington in Lanc to take the name of Bury after Briggs

–Sir Robert Wilmot of Derby to take the name of Horton after Wilmot

-George Mounsey of Kensington, Middlesex, and Sebergham, Cumberland, esq., and Isabella, his wife and daughter of John Heysham of Carlisle, M.D, and sister of James Heysham of Borran’s Hill, esq., in compliance with the will of James Heysham to take the name of Heysham after Mounsey.

-Robert Thompson, esq., Dublin, to take surname of Smyth before Thompson

-Richard Roney, esq., to take the name of Dougal after Roney

-review of Lawrence, Townley, Allen family name confusion, with mention of a Mr. Carr deceived him of moneys due on the sale of bonds, henceforth rendered ‘silly’ by author

From Vol 3 The Herald

-Manners, Murray taken the name of Tollemache, in Lincoln

-Nugent assumed the name of Nugent – Temple in 1779, Buckingham

-Harry Clay of Hanford, Dorset, esq, to take the surname of Ker and Setmer after Clay

-John Hancock of Tilehurst , co Berk, to take the name and arms of Liebenrood in lieu of his own

-Martin Haworth of Surrey to take the name and arms of Leslie

-son of Joseph Falder of Alnwick to take the arms and name of Roddam only

-James Street of Chester to take the name and arms of Wright quarterly with Street

-Le Marchant Thomas of the Isle of Man to bear name of LeMarchant after Thomas

-Charles William Allen of Heref. to take the name of and bear the arms of Greenly only.

-William Harrison of Welton in York to take the name of Broadley after Harrison

-Richard Byrd Mirehouse heretofore Levett a minor, son of Levett, to continue to use Mirehouse

-Sir George Strickland to take the name of Cholmely only and bear the arms of Cholmeley and Wentworth

-George Wilkinson of Chesterfield, son of Wilkinson formerly Ricketts, to take the name of Ricketts in lie of Wilkinson

-Henry Cooksen of Jersey to reassume the surnames of Evans-Gordon

-John Dryden Pigott of Sun dorne castle to assume the name Corbet and qrtrly bear arms of same

-Claud Hamilton Hamilton, formerly Brown, of Calcutta, assumed the name Hamilton instead of Brown,

-Robert Richardson of Sussex to take the name of Gardner after Richardson

-George Mathew, Central America, deceased, to have Buckley added before Mathew.

-William Henry Pearson to take the name of Jervis only, in lieu of Pearson

-Jon Soden of Circus Bath to take the name of Corbet, and Martha Honora Lady Jervis assumed the name Jervis, father was Ricketts

-John Harris Peter to take the name of Hoblyn after Peter and bear the arms of Hoblyn qrtrly

-Edward Straeey of Norfolk and Middlesex to take the name of Clitheroe after Straeey

-Mr. Richard Napolean Lee, esq., request to take name of Thornton, Mr. Richard Thornton was a merchant in London, but not related to the Thorntons at Clapham (sure!) and left legacy to many charities if, as Lee states, he is able to inherit and assume name.

-George Merrikin Lowis of Grainthorpe, co Line, farmer, the reputed son of Edward Merrikin to discontinue the name of Lowis and use Merrikin as surname

-the Rev Roger Dawson Dawson Duffield of Cray, York and Lane, out of respect to his uncle to continue to use the name of Dawson before Duffield.

-Arthur Lowe, of Bromsgrove, to take the name of Hill in lie of Lowe

-John Tucker of Ashcote, New Zealand, to take the arms and name of A’Deane instead of Tucker

-Rev Robt. Cobb, of Thwaite, late of kent, to take the name, poss Cartwright instead of Cobb; Pulford, also Lee, Isle of Wight and Richard Thornton and West connection

-Charles Barber Banning, postmaster at Liverpool, to take the name Greaves in addition to Banning

-George Watkin Rice of Carmarth, esq., to take the name of Watkins only and quarter arms with Watkins and his own

-Charles Henry Tempest to continue representation of Tempest family

-Henry Mayhew heretofore Courtney of Leamington to discontinue Mayhew and use Courtney only

-William West (again!) James Bruce of Glamorgan to take the surname and arms of Basset only

-William Rowan of Carrickfergus to take the surname and bear the arms of Legg

-Stewart Durance Davis Cartwright to take the name and arms of Enery

-William Arthurs, Queen’s co. to take the surname and arms of Eustace only

-Edward Grainger, of Meath and Bavaria et al descendants to take the name and arms of Parry

-Augusta Massy of Tyrone to take the surname and arms of Richardson

-William Trotter of Galway, to take the surname and bear the arms of ?Ruthven

-George Wilson Day of Dublin to take the surname of Jvewis, Jervis ?

-John Thomas Stewart of Down to take the surname of Hamill before Stewart

-Isaac Moses of Kensington to take the added name of Marsden

-Mary Anne Barton of Hyde park, widow, discontinues the name of Barton, assumes that of Perrins, and adds the name perrin, to be known as Mary Anne Perrins Perrins.

-Charles Ottley Groom of Kingsdown assumes the name of Archibald Napier of Tobago

– John Aarons Aarons, of Chelsea, abandons the name of Aarons and assumes that of Miller, being that of his late grandfather Thomas Miller

-William Hart, quartermaster, Belgaum, E.I., takes name of M’Harg in addition to Hart.

-John Sparvel of Swanscombe, Kent assumes the additional name of Bayly.

-James Brown Simpson of Kirkby Ravensworth York renounces the name of Simpson for that of Lister

-LA. Durieu of Middlesex adopts the surname of Durrieu

-George Gammie of Oxford assumes addition of the name of Maitland

-Rev. Richard King Sampson of Sussex relinquishes the surname Sampson and assumes King only

-Paul Ilyman Ste?nschuss of Herefordshire and incumbent of Newton takes additional name of Strong

-John and Charles Badcock adopt additional name of Harris

– Charles and Thomas Quarrill of Middlesex renounce and abandon surname of Quarrill and assume the surname of Greene enrolled in Chancery

-Betty Walker and Anne Walker and Mary Pennington assume the surname of Tetlow only, in the parish of Bolton by Bowland, West Riding York

-Rev George D. Onley of Hartlebury assumes the name of Pkattenton after Onley

-John Cox of Upper Clapton and Woburn place assumes in addition the surname of Wentworth

-The Rev Forbes Smith of Aston Botterell resumes the family name of DeHeriz

-Henry Gamman, of Stoke Newington and Fenchurch buildings, shipbroker, assumes the name of Gariman instead of Gamman

– John Lloyd, of Brighton, gent, assumes the additional name of Elsegood.

– John Chichester Burnard, of Stoke house, co. Somerset, in pursuance of the will of John H. Chichester, of Stoke house, esq. assumes the surname of Chichester, in addition to his other names

-Frederick Dundas Faithfull, esq. of H.M. Bombay Civil service, takes the name of Chauntrell, in lieu of Faithfull— by deed enrolled in Chancery.

– Giles Clarke, of Hendon, co. Midd. esq. out of respect to the memory of his godfather Giles Earle, esq. deceased, takes in addition the name of Earle

-Isaac John Penney, of Enfield, Middlesex, assistant school- master, adopts the surnames of Cowden Cole, in lieu of Penney.

 -Richard Griffith, esq. in consequence of his accession to the estate of the late John Waldie, esq.^ of Hendersyde, Kelsoe, will henceforth call and subscribe himself George Waldie Griffith.

-Henry Parker Denton, of Styrrup, co. Nottingham, farmer, assumes the name of Parker, instead of Denton — by deed enrolled in Chancery.

-. Annie Ada Vaughan, of Abergavenny, takes the additional name of Lear.

-William Bromwich, of Manchester, gentleman (by deed poll to be enrolled in Chancery), assumes the additional name of Ryder.

– George John Bastes, late of Keppel street, Russell-sq. and now of Bradford, takes the name of D’este, in lieu of Eastes.

-An article on the genealogical pretensions of Smith alias Heriz, will be found in The Herald and, vol. iii. p. 255. – See some notice of this family in our vol. ii. p. 244.

-Thomas Arthur Beard, late of Surbiton, now of Paris, takes in addition the surname of Db Beauchamp.

-Howel Maddock Arthur Owen, formerly Jones., CO. Flint, afterwards of Sidmouth, and now of Ryde, I.W. esq. resumes his original  name of Owen.

-Charles Wm. Carter Madden, of West Horrington, Wells, co. Somerset, takes in addition the name of Medlycott.

– John Wheeler, of Southsea, Herts, assumes the surname of Cornelius before Wheeler.

-William Tornkyns, of Southern house, in Pittville, Cheltenham, assumes the additional name of Grafton.

From a Google search of ‘assumed the surname’:

-George Bucknall-Estcourt, who assumed the surname of Sotheron-Estcourt and was created Baron Estcourt

– Eston assumed the surname of Jefferson when he left Virginia

-RICHAED-SAMUEL HASSAED, who s. his brother, and assumed the surname and arms of SIJOET

From Kerr/Carr Clan

– Sir William Drummond, from a powerful Scottish family, married the Earl’s daughter, he became the 2nd Earl and assumed the name of Ker; Sir James Innes succeeded and became the 5th Duke of Roxburghe (may have used name Ker)

From a Genealogical History of the Extinct and Burke 1844

-Mr. Gee assumed the surname and arms of Carew, died unmarried

From A genealogical and heraldic history of Landed Gentry, Vol 2 and 1852, 1866 editions:

-Frank Hall, b 2 Oct 1799, assumed the surname of Standish, William Standish-Standish, Esq. of Duxbury, b. 1807, took name Standish in lieu of his patronymic Carr

-Walter Spencer Stanhope, Esq. of Horsforth, M.P. assumed by sign manual, the surname and arms of Spencer

-Edward Stanhope Spencer, who assumed the surname of Collinswood of Dissington

-William Stanhope Spencer, assumed the surname and arms of Roddam

-Robert James Baker, assumed additional surname of Carr, died 1886

-Lady Charlotte Hay,  husband William Holwell,  granddaughter of Sir William Carr of Etal Northumberland, assumed additional surname of Carr 1798

-Leonard Troughs**, who assumed the surname of Holmes and was created Baron Holmes

From the Roddom surnames:

-William Spencer Stanhope, and he was a great grandson of Edward Collingwood assumed the surname and arms of Roddam

– John Falder, a cousin of William Spencer Stanhope, assumed the surname and arms of Roddam in November 1864

– Helen Mary Goldie, of the Roddam ilk, married on 9th July 1908 a Major Graham Carr Holdeness, who assumed the additional name of Roddam

From the County Families of the United Kingdom, Royal Manual of the Titled

-Horatio Francis Kiugsford Holloway, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Marchwood Park, Hants, who assumed the surname of Holloway in lieu of Martelli

– Col. Ralph Bromfield Willington Fisher, C.B., formerly 10th Hussars, a Slagistrate for Shropshire, who assumed the name of Childe by royal license 1901.

– Lieut. -Col. Edward Hanly, of Avonmore House, CO. Wicklow. Mr. Chichester-Constable, who assumed

by royal license the additional surname of Constable 1895

– Horatio Austen Smith, Esq. Viscount Chilston, who was educated at Eton and at Univ.

Coll., Oxford, called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1874, and assumed, by royal license, the addi-

tional surname of Douglas

From Alumni Oxonienses, by Foster

-‘Carr, George Kyrwan, Christ Church, 1828. See Lloyd.; and ‘Carr-Lloyd, James Martin, Merton Coll. 1869, See Lloyd

-Carr, William Holwell, s of Edward Holwell, of Exeter, gent., Exeter College, matric 2 Mar 1776, age 18, fellow 1778-93, B.A. 1783, M.A. 1784, B.D. 1790, vicar of Menhonior, Cornwall, 1792, married 18 May 1797, Lady Charlotte Hay, eldest daughter of James, Erroll, by Isabella, daughter of Sir William Carr of Etal, Northumberland, they assumed the additional surname and arms of Carr by royal licence 20 Nov,. 1798, died 24 Dec 1830. Coll. Reg. III, etc.

-‘Carr, Robert James Parker, ?s, Thomas Baker of Bexhill, Sussex, cler. University College, matric 20Mar 1846, age 18, B.A. 1862, M.A. 1863, bar-at-law, Inner Temple, 9 Jun 1851, rector of Hinton on the Green, co Gloucester 1869-76, and of Lanterglo 1876-86, rural dean 1879-82, assumed additional surname of Carr, died 19Jan 1886. See Foster’s Men at the Bar.’

-William Jobs Humble, ?s. Michael Meughen Humble, of Sutton, near Chesterfield, co Derby, assumed additional surname of Crofts

-Theophilas Edward Lucas, o.s. Edward Locus of Coote Hill, co Cavan, assumed the additional surname and arms of Clements, died 1852

-A’Court, Pierce, s Pierce of Hatchbury, Wilts., assumed the additional surname of A??? before 1761.

From The Letter Bag of Lady Elizabeth Spencer Stanhope by A.M.W. Stirling

-Walter Ramsden Beaumont Hawkesworth, High Sheriff of Yorkshire whose father walter Ramsden had assumed the surname and arms of Hawkesworth,…and who himself in 1786 assumed the surname and arms of Fawkes; see Annals of Yorkshire House, vol ii

-Edward, second son of Lord Vernon, marred Anne, third daughter of Granville, and assumed the surname of Harcourt,

-Godfrey Wentworth Armytage, Esq, afterwards Wentworth, married in 1794 Amelia, dau. Of Walter Ramsden Beaumont Hawksworth, Esq., who afterwards took the name Fawkes under the will of his cousin Francis Fawkes, Esq. of Farnley, York.

-Godfrey Wentworth, formerly Armytage, Esq., assumed surname and arms of Wentworth on the death of his grandfather

-Charles Peter Buckworth, of Chesire, assumed in 1790 the surname and arms of Shakerley only

-Charles William, Viscount Milton, afterwards 5th Earl Fitzwilliam, born 1786

-Francis Pierrepont-Burton, assumed the surname and arms of Conyngham, mrrd in 1759, Clements

-Sir Richard Glyn, 1st Bart, of Ewell, mrrd Elizabeth daughter and co heir of Robert Carr, Esq, son Richard, born 1755, used hyphenated Carr-Glyn


-Glasgow, son of George Boyle, 4th Earl of Glasgow and Lady Augusta Hay,in 1822  assumed by royal license the additional name of Carr.

From A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of Landed Gentry, Vol 1, by Burke

-Childers Walbanke, Esq., assumed additional surname and arms of Childers

-William Baldwyn, Esq., assumed the surname and arms of Childe only.

From National Archives A2A files:

-property transfers in Penrith area, ‘Crosley otherwise Carr’

Additional Resources:

See  for the National Archive’s research guide to name changes.

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Pickett Cemetery


1892 map of Evergreen Township, rural Frazee, Becker County

This 1892 map shows the location of Pickett Cemetery in Evergreen township, northeast quarter of Section 14.   The cemetery was established on the property of Eli Samuel Pickett.  The earliest known burial was that of ‘Lonnie Tuttle, son of Aunt Ellie’ in abt. 1891.     The cemetery is located within and adjoining private property and it is recommended you contact the caretaker or another family member before visiting the cemetery.

Known Burials and Headstone Memorials

  • Tuttle, Lonnie, baby, son of Ellie Tuttle #2
  • Oman child, died 1889, moved to cemetery in 1902 (Detroit Record, Nov 7)
  • McCollum, Elizabeth nee Fellows, died 1892 or 1895, mother of Sarah Pickett #1
  • Pickett, Eli Samuel, born 8 November 1840 in Madina Co., Ohio, died 14 May 1900, 60 yrs 6 months,  Co. C 5th MN Inf. #3 (this stone has the wrong death date)
  • Olson, Melvin Franklin, died 1929 #9
  • Seger, Millie Elvira nee Pickett, born 26 February 1874, died 1902, wife of George, daughter of Eli and Sarah #5
  • Seger, George, born 20 April 1867, died 29 March 1954 #14
  • Pickett, Sam, born 10 August 1869, died 1945 #6
  • Pickett, Bertha nee Lamphier, born 24 August 1874, died 26 January 1947, wife of Sam, married 1889  #7
  • Pickett, Harry Eli, died 13 July 1892, son of Sam and Bertha #8
  • Pickett, Victor Dennis, born 27 November 1898, died 1 January 1963, son of Sam and Bertha #10
  • Pickett, Louise Mary, child, died 4 August, 1967, daughter of LaVern and Linda nee Litzau Pickett  #11
  • Pickett, Leroy Dale, born 17 March 1936, died 01 February 1937, son of Victor and Grace nee Adams Pickett #12
  • Jepson, Michael Ryan, born 14 April 1980, died 27 August 1980, son of Matthew Jepson #13
  •  Pickett, Sarah Almira nee Fellows, born 11 February 1847 in McHenry Co., Illinois, died 02 January 1945, wife of Eli, married 06 June 1865 #4
  • Gullard, baby Emery Boudish Gullard, died May 2009, dau. of Heath Gullard, granddaughter of Dana nee Pickett,, great granddau. of Virginia nee Pickett Olund #x
  • Pickett, Grace Lily nee Adams, born 15 April 1915, died 16 October 2000, wife of Victor #not shown

Notes:   In a master copy of a list made for Pickett Cemetery there are several notations including ‘#4 gives dates of 11/08/1830 and 05/14/1890, and #5 same as above’ with ’60 yrs 6 mo’ and #6 marked ‘Dad’.

  • Persons in local burial ground all related to Civil War Veteran (Eli S. Pickett); Frazee-Vergas Forum; Oct. 28, 2010; by John W. Dermody, and interview with Bob Jepson.
  • Evergreen’s Pickett Cemetery is resting place for several local families; Frazee Forum; May 23, 2002; by Lori Fischer Thorp, and interview with Bob Jepson.
  • Evergreen 100th Centennial book, published 1988.
  • Map, 1980 (abt.) drawing of the cemetery layout.
  • Find A Grave listings for Pickett Cemetery, Evergreen Twshp.
  • Pickett Family History, from Derbyshire, England to Minnesota, privately published.

© K. J. nee Carr 2007-2014

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DNA for William Carr ( b. 1791 d. Mercer County, IL )

‘Tis a chasm, constantly changing, swirling, calming,…’tis the circle of life.  Kj

A few years ago I was happy to find that a male member of the Mercer county Carr line had been tested.  I tried to contact this participant, whom I know only as #61515, but as of yet I have had no response.   Until another Carr descendent participates in the testing this is what we have to work with.   The following research is based on #61515’s 12 marker DNA testing results.
#61515  Paternal Ancestor: Wllm. R. Carr, 1862, Mercer County, IL  Origin: England  Haplogroup: R1b1b2                DYS393= 13  DYS390= 23  DYS19= 14  DYS391= 11  DYS385 a-b=  11-14   DYS426= 12    DYS388= 12  DYS439= 13    DYS389i= 13  DYS392= 14  DYS389ii= 29
How does this help in ancestry research?   As of yet, it doesn’t.  It hasn’t helped tear down any brick walls or connect one Carr family to another, at least not for the 61515 branch, but it has helped me devise some new theories to work with, and most importantly, it put some lines of research on the back burner.   Prior to the advent of genealogical DNA testing the base for my brick wall looked something like this:   William Carr, born: abt 1791, Known geographical locations: English-Scottish border, Cumberland, with Westmorland and  Yorkshire ties, emigrated to US 1841 or before, (Newport, Rhode Island), and then to Mercer County, Illinois in 1842. Descendants in Kansas and Minnesota.
Conclusions and theories as a result of 61515’s  DNA test: The Mercer County Carr participant is of Haplogroup R1:  Haplogroup R1 originated approximately 30,000 years ago and spread from Central Asia into Europe.   (Nice.  Now we only have to fill in the 29,800 years that we are missing.)
There are no exact 12 marker matches for # 61515 in the Carr YDNA database (YSearch) at FTDNA. (27Jan2011)    This is not surprising as there is rarely an exact match.   Experts advise that a rapid mutation (a single mutation is a variation by 1 number, up or down) may occur in markers DYS391 and DYS439.   It is important to remember that DNA research is still in its infancy.  There is much to be discovered yet on mutations, and the differing rates of mutation among families.     (As of Apr. 2012, there are still no Carr 12 marker matches in the DNA database, but there are matches with men of different surnames, results summary below.)

12 Marker Matches, not of the Carr surname

Using the y-search tool and entering #61515’s 12 markers as they stand, with no surname association, pulls 21 Exact Matches.  (As of Apr. 2012, still only 21 matches.)     One match has the surname Carr (James) and is listed as UP4NC.   UP4NC may be the same individual as #61515.  I have contacted UP4NC and will update when and if I receive a response.
The other 12 marker matches include the surnames: Beasley (6 matches), Talbot, Fuller, Evans, Pearce, Jones, Charman, Williamson (2), Mitchell, Race, Howard, Cunningham, Salyer, Miller.
It is at this point that I have to share a bit of history on the Craven District of Yorkshire, which is where much of my research has focused.  During the course of reading many archived journals (genealogy is not a new concept; it has been the passion of many men for many centuries) I’ve read many bios describing the ‘old families’ of Craven  and there are two which stand out- Carr and Beasley.   Very interesting indeed!  It should also be noted that the surnames of Evans and Howard also appear often in the borderlands.
The CALEB CARR line, #40240 (OH, Malcom Carr)
Carr DNA 61515 shows a possible match with participant #40240.  The match is exact aside from markers DYS391 and DYS 439.  These are the two markers scientists say have a rapid mutation rate, making a family connection possible.  Participant #40240 has submitted a gedcom showing a descendency from ‘Thomas Kerr, born 1450, died 1499, Scotland’, which is very exciting, however it also poses a problem as the family tree that has been submitted shows a connection with the Caleb Carr line in Rhode Island.  I, too, worked with the Caleb Carr line for quite some time as both the Caleb Carr (sons of Benjamin) family and the Mercer county Carr’s entered America via Newport, Rhode Island.   Problem?  There are two, in my opinion.  The first,  that I believe I’ve seen documentation showing Benjamin was a descendant of a Carr line in which an heiress’ husband had assumed the Carr name, and that Benjamin had moved to London. (No source avail., sorry, until I review my research.)  And second, the DNA from the Caleb Carr line does not match the Mercer line.    This DNA variance does not dispute a family connection by any means as we already know that a member of William’s immediate family died on the Carr property, Thames street in Newport.    In order to make some sense of this I would like to talk to #40240.  We are genetically connected but not via the Rhode Island brothers who came to America.   Our connection obviously goes back farther in time,…perhaps to Thomas Kerr.

Sources and Links:

DNA 101: A basic tutorial on DNA
 I am amazed at the progress of DNA research in regards to genealogy.  I first heard of the research about five years ago (eight now, Apr 2012) and at that time spoke with John Carr, a pioneer in pulling together important details of the Carr family  DNA.   John is still actively involved with the research, as are many others.  You can find them by visiting the Family Tree DNA site and entering the surname CARR.   John is the group administrator for the Carr family DNA research.   Likewise, James Elliot has been active in gathering DNA data from descendents of Border Reiver families, and his work can be found in the same place.   More recently the trend, however, is to follow a group identified by Haplotype or by SNP number, rather than surname. 

I am most grateful for Mr. Carr, Mr. Elliot, and all the others who work diligently on the technical interpretation of the data, and who have been so generous in charting and sharing the results of their efforts with other researchers.

©K.J.nee Carr 2011-2014


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Errors in Published Carr Pedigrees

Errors in data resources available on the internet: (Note links are deactivated. Use search engine to find site.)

Posted as   ‘Son Stephen Carr [author of the letter above] married Annie B. Wood, daughter of John and Anna Wood of Norway, December 13, 1899 in Hardin County, Iowa. Annie was born 1880 in Hardin County and died 1970 in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. Stephen died 1945 in Bend, Oregon. Stephen and Annie had children: Lula Bess, born about 1900; Daisy Dell, born 1/1/1902; Vernie, born 1905; Hazel, born 1910; David[Jack], born 1912; Elsie Ellen [may have died young], born 1913; Donald Douglas, born 1916; Millard, born 1917; Margaret, born 1917 [may have died young]; Dorothy Irene, born 1919; Stephen, Jr., born about 1921, died about 1923. The birth records indicate the family moved from Iowa to Minnesota between about 1905 and 1910. ‘      Known Error: Margaret did not die young.  She married and had children.   Her twin, Millard, however, did die young.   Unable to contact webmaster.
Adam Davis & Lydia Commons page at , a transcription error
“On 6 Jun 1852 when Alexander was 34, he first married Agnes CARR in Mercer Co., IA. Agnes died on 26 Nov 1853 in Mercer Co., IL. Occupation: Wife & Mother. They had the following children: i. J. (Died as Infant). Born in Nov 1853 in Mercer Co., IA. J. died in Mercer Co., IA, in Nov 1853; he was <1. Twin ii. L. (Died as Infant). Born in Nov 1853 in Mercer Co., IL. L. died in Mercer Co., IL, in Nov 1853; he was <1. Twin”   Correction: Change all Mercer Co., IA entries to Mercer Co., IL.
Carr Family tree: Errors on Line 25, Line 26 showing the birth of siblings too close together.  Contacted Nov 2010.  No response as of yet.
IGI, Film Number 451091, Page 88, Reference 38280, member submitted Family Group Record for Wllm-Martha Carr family shows two potential errors. 1)  daughter Jane christened on 22 Jun 1791 at Hunslet Leeds, and son Stephen christened 07 Dec 1791.  Two children in six months? I did find a parish record to match Stephen’s christening date (Batch P009611, Source 6053764, Printout 0472482) but did not find one for Jane.  2) Daughter Mary christened 28 May 1786, son Stephen christened 01Nov 1786. -Same as above, too close together.
Carr family of North Meols, Preston, and Hoole, Lancashire:  Nice site; the dates listed as birth dates may be  baptisms.
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William Carr and Elizabeth Armstrong

St. Mary's Carlisle, Cumberland, Eng. KjK2005 Contact for copy permission.

St. Mary’s Carlisle, Cumberland, Eng. KjK2005

William Carr married Elizabeth Armstrong on October 21, 1821, at St.Mary’s  in Carlisle, Cumberland, England.  The nave of the church and the stained glass window on the east side of the church were kept intact despite modifications made to the church after their marriage in 1821.
Elizabeth was the daughter of John Armstrong and Mary nee Faulder/Falder Armstrong.  John and Mary were also married at St. Mary’s, on November 14th, 1790.   Elizabeth was christened, same church, on June 24, 1792.  John and Mary also christened Matthew in 1794, John in 1797, and Jane in 1800.
William Carr, bachelor, and Elizabeth Armstrong, spinster, were married by banns.  Witnesses to the ceremony were Thomas Caldwell, a shoemaker and the clerk at St. Mary’s, and Richard Johnson.   Officiating curate was Morgan Morgan.   Also married on the same day were Thomas Blaylock and Grace Graham.  These marriages were announced in the October 27, 1821 edition of the Carlisle Patriot.  ‘At St. Mary’s, on Sunday last, Mr. Thomas Blaylock, butcher, to Miss Grace Graham of Rickergate…Same day, Mr. William Carr, to Miss Elizabeth Armstrong...
Source: A Journey from the Lakes of Cumberland, England to the Lakes of Minnesota, William Carr, the Sr. in America,  available at Amazon.
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